Athletic Radio Online

The internet is the most effective form of customer acquisition, as it allows for a region-wide reach at minimal cost. Being the only sports related portal to cater to the Cretan market, is one of the most effective channels for targeting sports bettors in Crete.

Featuring up-to-the-minute updates, and original content courtesy of Athletic Press’ talented journalists, and live score updates from local events, the website is a content-rich destination with high advertisement conversion rate.

Topics including those covered in Athletic Press and on Athletic Radio make a destination of particular interest to Cretan sports fans.

Following in line with Athletic Radio’s successful "Athletic Bet" program, a digital version is offered through the website, offering analytics, tips, and articles related to Greek sports betting.

Not to limit itself to a single region of coverage, also provides fresh news articles covering other areas of Greece, as well as international sporting events.